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Wassa Lakkham World Massage Championship 2022 Bronze Medallist

I can't express how grateful and honoured I am to have you as my teacher. The skills, professionalism and perfection are way beyond my expectations. He is the perfection I've been searching for. Slav is one of the world's best massage therapists. He is a UK, European and World champion in massage therapy.  I could be my best only when I learn from the very best. If you are looking for refining and enhancing your skills, he is the one.

Olivia McNeill Founder, Glowing Massages

Slav has such unique way of doing things. I've done many courses but never one like this.All I can say is I highly recommend it! It's such an investment. Not just for your business but for yourself.You learn so much within one day.

Tarek Hegazy Living Design AB Principal and Creative Director

I've had an amazing experience working with Slav. He is a World Champion in his domain and it shows. I highly recommend Slav, whether in terms of staff training, digital training, or in assisting in pre-operation and post-operation.

Camila Technogym

Slav is amazing. I would definetely recommend him as a teacher for SPA and Welness establishments.

Jean-Guy Gabriac World Wellness Weekend Founder

Grand slam for Slav. He is the National, Intercontinental, European, and World Champion.